3 Questions To Ask About Your Wedding Package When You Want To Exchange Your Vows On The Beach

If you're more comfortable on the beach than a church or hall or if you and your fiance have special memories associated with the beach, it only makes sense that exchanging your vows with your feet in the sand and the rush of the nearby ocean filling your ears is a good idea. However, planning that beach wedding can be as complicated as it for others to orchestrate more formal or religious settings and there are many details to consider. Fortunately, by asking the right questions of the appropriate persons about the various wedding packages, you can create the perfect day that you and your future spouse deserve. Therefore, it's best to ask the following questions when shopping for the most appropriate wedding package for your needs and expectations.

#1-Are There Any Details Of The Wedding That Are Not Covered?

You will almost undoubtedly be given brochures that discuss the various aspects of the different packages in great detail. Since that information is often a bit overwhelming, it might be easier for you to discuss what options or services are not listed in the paperwork. For example, you might want to verify if the officiant is provided by the facility and is included in the package or if you are expected to directly pay the person for his or her services.  

Other details to clarify include the number and type of flowers included in each package. Determining how accessible and discreet the staff members will be on your wedding day will also be quite useful, as having to track down an administrator when a problem occurs is a great way to wreck your day.    

#2-How Much Customization Of The Wedding You Can Do If You Choose A Package?

There is no doubt that choosing a wedding package allows you to do less planning, since you are aware from the beginning what you are opting for. However, as you peruse the various packages, you might notice specific add-ons for a more expensive package than you see in the more affordable options. If adding those choices to your existing package make it easier to protect yourself, your fiance and your guests from the ravages of sand and water, being able to opt in to other aspects of your big day is essential. The same is true if your individual preferences are the reason for the upgrade.

For instance, you might have noticed that the shelter or canopy in the less expensive package is smaller than its pricier counterpart. Alternatively, its construction might not permit the amount of flowers or other decorations you want to showcase, but you don't want or need the other luxurious aspects of that costlier package. In that instance, it would behoove you to see if you have the option to add to or otherwise customize your package for an extra fee to include extra items that aren't listed in the package you are interested in.

#3-How Many Photographs Are Included In The Package And Can Anyone Order Extras Above That?

It's not unusual for wedding packages to include a specific number and sizes of photos, a video of your big day, a pre-determined amount of time being photographed or a combination of those choices. Given the popularity and usability of digital photos and its related software, you might want to make sure that your friends and family members will be able to access your photos for an extra fee in the future. As part of that, it's important to be aware of how long those images will be available and if those images will be copyrighted.

In conclusion, it can be both time-consuming and challenging to make all of the pertinent decisions about your big day when you need to make each decision on an individual basis. As a result, it's a good idea to ask the following questions about inclusive wedding packages in order to simplify your wedding panning.