Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding

A beach is one of the most exciting and spectacular places a bride can choose to have her wedding. If you would like to use this scenic open space to say your vows, it will require that you do some careful planning.  Here are some things that you must take into consideration when planning your beach wedding. The Dress Walking on a beach in a wedding dress with a train will be tedious to say the least.

Ready To Shop For A Dress? Avoid These Three Dress Shopping Mistakes

Shopping for a dress is one of the more exciting parts of getting married. When you go dress shopping, make sure that you don't fall for these classic dress shopping mistakes. #1 Buying A Dress That Is Too Small Do not purchase a dress that is too small because you plan on losing weight before your wedding. Even if you do achieve this goal, you cannot predict where you are going to lose that weight on your body.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use A Professional Wedding Planner

Are you getting married in the next year? Have you and your future spouse been planning the wedding on your own? Although planning your own wedding can be fun and exciting, it may not be the best option. Instead of doing everything yourself, it's often a good idea to hire a professional wedding planner to take care of at least some of the planning. Some of the most important reasons for doing this include:

Points To Consider When Choosing A Christening Gown

A baby's christening is a memorable event so it's only fitting that your baby's attire is special on that day. Here are some tips to help you choose a christening outfit for your baby. Material You know first-hand that when it comes to dressing a baby, style is only a small piece. Ensuring that the baby is comfortable is much more important for any parent. Look for outfits that are designed from materials that will keep your baby comfortable.

Fair Brides And Bridal Fairs: Tips And Tricks For Making The Most Of A Wedding Expo

You're engaged to get married — hearty congratulations are in order! However, once the post-engagement bliss dies out, you realize just how many things you have to get done, and in particular, how many vendors you have to contact to get your flowers, dress, tuxedos, venue…the list goes on and on. Luckily, expos like the Bridal Expo make this easier for you by gathering hundreds of vendors into one place, allowing you to turn days of phone calls into ten-minute conversations, with vendors all flocking for your attention.