Tips For Buying Designer Wedding Dresses Online

As you begin to search for the perfect wedding dress, you may come across some designer wedding dress bargains online that seem too good to be true. Though some of these are inexpensive knock-offs, some of them are legit deals. You may be concerned that if you buy one of these dresses, you will end up with a cheap knock off and no time to get the dress you actually dream of having. Here are some tips for buying designer wedding dresses online that can help you get exactly the dress you want for your wedding day.

Ask for an Image

You may think that asking for an image seems redundant since the image is already shown on the ad. The truth is, the image that is used is usually a stock photo and may not be representative of the dress you are purchasing. Instead, ask if they can send you a current picture of the exact dress you are purchasing. Most bridal stores online will not mind doing this for you to ensure that you are getting what you want so they will not receive negative reviews on the purchase. Some will even do a time and date stamp on the image. If the dress is being made to order, ask to see a picture of the dress before shipment to ensure you are happy with the piece and no alterations need to be made. Most legitimate online bridal stores will be happy to accommodate the request.

Watch the Wording

In your rush and excitement to get the ideal designer wedding dress, you may overlook certain wording that would send up red flags for you in normal cases. For example, the bridal store may use the phrasing "as is" to describe the dress. You may also see phrasing such as "all orders are final" or "the finished dress may differ from the image." These are all warning signs that something may not be right with your purchase, especially if the price seems far lower than the designer wedding dresses you have seen in the same brand or line. If you see wording like this, ask the bridal shop to clarify what "as is" means, what issues may be wrong with the dress, or what differences may be apparent from the image shown. Get this in writing, so if something does go wrong, you can go back to the original messages and statements.

Designer vs Custom

One of the misconceptions that many new brides have is knowing the difference between the terms designer and custom. When you first see the ad for your dress, you may see both words used interchangeably. This can be a huge red flag. Designer dresses tend to refer to dresses that are made by well known designers or labels that are associated directly with wedding dresses. Custom-made dresses may be designer inspired and custom made to order based on your measurements and choices. A designer dress usually is ready made, leaving you to choose the size and possibly color if the option is available. A designer-inspired custom-made dress simply uses the designer pattern, but you choose all aspects from the size to the material choice and color.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure you are getting are choosing from designer wedding dresses and not simply knock off options or inspired options. You can also reduce the risk of ending up with an unwanted dress and having to make a last minute choice to get a dress suitable for your wedding. Keep these tips in mind when checking out retailers such as Lovely Bride.