3 Tips to Help Make Your Vegas Wedding Memorable—On a Budget

There are lots of reasons to get married in Vegas. You may want to skip the traditional church wedding, or you may just want to create an extremely unique wedding experience. Or perhaps you've just always wanted to be married by Elvis, Johnny Cash, or Darth Vader. These are all wonderful reasons to have a Vegas wedding, but another terrific perk of the Las Vegas wedding is more practical.

Vegas is one of the few places where you can have a spectacular, flashy wedding and still spend less than you would on a big church wedding in your hometown. Take a look at a few tips for making some amazing wedding memories while sticking to a reasonable budget.

Rent a Dress

It's fairly common for grooms to rent a tuxedo for the big day, but less common for brides to rent their dress. However, thanks to the popularity of spontaneous weddings in Vegas, the city boasts numerous wedding rental shops where spur-of-the-moment brides can get a dress in a hurry. That means that you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

If you're working with a tight budget, you can use this to your advantage. Wedding dress rentals can be as low as $75, although a rental dress priced that low may have some hidden fees attached. Not to mention, expensive designer wedding dresses can rent for just $600. Compare that with the average cost of buying a wedding dress—around $1281 in 2013. You can pick out and rent a dress that you could never afford to buy and wear it for your wedding day for a fraction of what you would have spend to buy the dress.

Stream for Guests

Want to invite all of your friends and family from home, but don't want to pay for their airfare, lodging, and entertainment? If you choose the right chapel, you can invite anybody you want from anywhere that you want without having to worry about any of the pesky fees and expenses that usually accompany wedding guests.

Many Vegas chapels now offer online video streaming of your wedding with some or all of their wedding packages. If it's important to you to involve your friends and family in your wedding ceremony, call around to different chapels and ask whether they offer video streaming and how much it costs, and then choose the chapel offering the package that suits your needs best.

Choose an Off Day

Want to get married on a holiday? So does everybody else. Days like Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, and Christmas will be more expensive. Beyond that, the waiting lines at the chapels will be longer and you may find that your wedding is rushed because there are so many couples waiting behind you. Who wants to pay more to be rushed through their wedding day?

Try choosing a day close to the holiday you're aiming for; you can always celebrate Valentine's week or weekend when you get married on February 13th or 15th.

Or, you can choose a fun, offbeat holiday that most people don't know about. The truth is, almost every day of the year is a holiday of some kind. Get married on March 3rd for "I Want You to be Happy Day"—after all, what better way to celebrate your anniversary every year than by trying to make each other happy?

Or, if you or your fiancé are bringing children from previous relationships into your new marriage, choose September 16thStepfamily Day—and make it a day to celebrate your new blended family as well as your marriage. You can have your wedding on a holiday without choosing the same holidays that every other couple is also choosing.

If you're an outside-the-box thinker, a Vegas wedding is perfect for you. There are plenty of ways that you can make it unique, special, and extravagant without going over your budget. That way, you can spend your money on the fabulous Vegas honeymoon instead! For more tips, consider visiting resources like http://www.alittlewhitechapel.com.