Host A Winter-Themed Wedding Reception At A Mountain Resort

A mountain resort that offers the chance to ski day and night, cozy up next to a fireplace in a private chalet, and party until the break of dawn in an onsite banquet hall could be the perfect location for you and your partner to celebrate your union. Prepare a winter-themed wedding reception that offers indoor and outdoor activities for everyone to participate in.

Reserve The Hall, Skiing Supplies, And Lift Tickets

Be prepared that a flexible schedule may be necessary to accommodate you and your guests for the block of time that you desire since the resort will likely be booked during peak skiing times. Reserve the hall or a room inside of it and specify that you plan on hosting a winter-themed reception. 

The person who coordinates events may offer you some decoration and table setting ideas that will set the tone for the party. Furnishings, lighting, and music may also be included in a package deal. If skiing is going to be offered toward the end of the party, reserve skis, poles, and lift tickets for you, your partner, and the guests who you are inviting. 

Seek A Catered Meal And Frosty Beverages

A caterer and bartender will oversee the creation of dishes and beverages that fit into the theme that you chose. Come up with some ideas of your own, as well, and request that they are incorporated into the plans. For instance, a wedding cake that has a rounded top and thick white icing could represent a giant snowball or small pastries that are round and placed on top of each other could represent a snowman.

For the beverages, think about having mixed cocktails served inside of frosted glasses that will remind one of winter. Use decorative straws, toothpicks, and similar additions to spice things up and to add some color to your food and drink selections. 

Use Signage, Balloons, And Lights To Decorate

Use banners, balloons, and lights to welcome guests prior to them entering the reception hall. Use banners that depict snow scenes or skiiers and have your and your husband's name printed on them. The balloons should include a celebratory message on them.

These types of decorations can also be used outdoors when you, your husband, and your guests hit the slopes or if the resort offers an ice-skating rink that is going to be utilized during the reception. Hang the lights around doorways inside of the reception hall and across the edges of the banners to draw attention to the festive decor. 

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