Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding

A beach is one of the most exciting and spectacular places a bride can choose to have her wedding. If you would like to use this scenic open space to say your vows, it will require that you do some careful planning.  Here are some things that you must take into consideration when planning your beach wedding.

The Dress

Walking on a beach in a wedding dress with a train will be tedious to say the least. It is best to choose a more casual looking dress that is either knee length or a bit shorter than floor length so that it will be easier for you to maneuver. A good choice would be a dress made of lightweight material such as chiffon.


Veils tend to give a lot of issues at a beach wedding. If it is a windy day, it will be hard for the photographer to get a good shot. Instead of a veil consider accessorizing your hair with a fascinator or even flowers.


While you may prefer to have your locks out and flowing, consider the fact that the wind might be working against you, since it is an outdoor wedding. Moisture and mist may also affect the look of your hair in photographs. The best way to avoid this is by choosing an updo. An updo will last longer and keep you looking polished throughout the wedding and reception. You are also more likely to be picture ready at all times.

Set Up A Shoe Station

A beach wedding means that there will be a lot of sand. It is a good idea to have one centralized location where your guests can leave their shoes. You can also make a bench, water and towels available so that your guests will be able to change from shoes to flip flops easily.


Shade is very important at a beach wedding. Consider renting a canopy or a tent to keep your guests from getting scorched during the ceremony. You can also provide cool bottled water under the canopy or tent, so that when and if thirst strikes your guests, refreshment will be readily available.

Portable Powder Room

It is inevitable that your guests will want to use the bathroom. If you are depending on the beach facilities only, you might run into some problems. It is best to rent a powder room with facilities that resemble a traditional powder room, so that you and your guests will be comfortable.

Beach weddings are fun and provide the perfect romantic environment, with strategic and careful planning your beach wedding is sure to be a memorable one. For more information, contact companies like Le San Michele.